Green Prickle

Green Prickle

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Green Prickle
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Green Prickle Overview


We saw how much you are loving the new puzzle and logic games with interactive elements that we bring you here, even more so the ones that are top-notch in quality and are playable on phones and tablets too, which is why right at this moment we want to share with each and every one of you the game called Green Prickle!

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A ball will be moving around in rotating circles, multiple of them, usually, and when you click, it jumps up, so time it so that it falls through the holes from one moving circle to another, and when it reaches the bottom, where it will be caught by the handle, that is when the level is cleared.

Triangles are bad, dangerous even, so make sure to jump over them and not hit them in the spikes, because if that happens, you will lose and have to start all over again from scratch, as the level will have been lost. Of course, expect each new stage to be more difficult than the one before.

The best and tons of fun we wish you all, and we definitely hope to see you around for more to come, we never miss the chance to share the awesomeness with you!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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