Dodge Agent

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Dodge Agent
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What is Dodge Agent?

Dodge Agent

A Dodge Agent is skilled in avoiding and making sure that he is never caught by lasers, traps, bullets, or anything that their enemies put against them to stop them from achieving their mission, and this is the kind of secret spy we invite you to become right now in a brand new action game with running in 3D where we are positive you're going to have a blast start to finish, as it has been true for our administrative team!

Be the most skilled Dodge Agent in your team!

Drag left and right with the mouse or with the finger to move your agent so that you dodge all the traps set in your path, such as lasers, boxes, and the like, and if you can grab weapons, do it.

Why? Well, enemies will also come towards you, so you need to pick up the guns and then aim them in front of said enemies, shooting them down and clearing them out of your way.

Keep dodging and attacking back until you reach the finish line and are safe, clearing the level. Shadows of where your agent will appear will be shown as you move, so use them as a guide towards success!

We wish you simply the very best, of course, and we hope that you also share this game with friends, it would be a shame for them not to also enjoy it!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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