Frog Rush

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What is Frog Rush?

Frog Rush

Frog Rush is yet another exciting and clearly fun puzzle game with animals, where your logical thinking needs to step up to the forefront of your abilities if you wish to solve one level after another and complete the whole game. Are you up for the challenge?

It's time to go on a Frog Rush!

Multiple frogs are going to be on the screen, and when you click on one, you make it explode, after which it will shoot bubbles in various directions. Depending on the type of frog there will be one or more bubbles, and some of them simply transform frogs into bigger ones, so that it's easier for you to clear them.

If no more explosions can be made, and there are still frogs standing, you lose the level and need to restart it. The fewer attempts you need to make to finish a level, the more stars you will get, as you can get one, two, or three. Think before you act, and we're sure you will always get 3/3.

Now that you've understood the format, we wish you good luck and plenty of fun, and we hope to see you around, as it would be a shame not to see what more amazing surprises we've got in store for you today!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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