Galaxy Warriors

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Galaxy Warriors
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What is Galaxy Warriors?

Galaxy Warriors

Become Galaxy Warriors in one of the best new spaceship shooting games online we are happy to share with you on our website right now and here, all free of charge since we're talking about a game that is also playable on mobile devices, so you can experience it whenever and wherever you find yourself at!

Become skilled at shooting Galaxy Warriors!

Use the mouse to drag the spaceship left and right, or use the finger on mobile devices to do the same. Why? Well, you have to move the ship in front of enemy spaceships so that it shoots at them automatically, defeating one wave after another until all have been brought down and the level will have been cleared.

Waves get more powerful and bigger each time, and motherships also appear, which are going to shoot back at you. If you get shot down too many times until your health bar depletes, you lose, so focus on not letting it happen.

As you defeat enemies, collect the coins they leave behind to buy power-ups that will make your ship stronger, with some of them also dropping from fallen foes, so grab those too!

We invite you to start your space adventure right now, only here, after which even more amazing games are about to follow, so play them also!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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