World of Weapons: Time to Train

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What is World of Weapons: Time to Train?

World of Weapons: Time to Train

World of Weapons: Time to Train is about to become one of the best new shooting games online 3D that you find and play today free of charge on our website, something for which we are very excited about, as we've already had tons of fun with it ourselves, as an administrative team, so we really wanted you to give it a shot. Well, if you play, you will certainly do a lot of shooting, that's for sure!

It's Time to Train in the World of Weapons online!

Through the training course, you move using the WASD keys, pick up weapons with F, and you also use it to open up doors and go through portals.

At each weapon you arrive, you need to use it to shoot down the targets, using the mouse to shoot, the left click, more precisely, and you hold the right one if you're using a rifle with a scope. Reload with R.

As you gain more experience from the shooting ranges, you get more money and are able to buy new weapons, as there is plenty to unlock. The game also has various modes, with all but the first one needing to be unlocked:

  • Tir
  • Free Mode
  • Reaction Training
  • Survival Shooting

Do your best to become better at each of them, level after level, and have fun with all of the other amazing new games we've got set up for you here!

How to play?

Use WASD, shift, the mouse, F, and R.

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