Bridge Build Puzzle

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What is Bridge Build Puzzle?

Bridge Build Puzzle

Puzzle games with drawing have always been very welcomed here by audiences all across the world, and the very same can be said for bridge-building games online, so we love it that we get this mix of them both right now and here, and even more so because Bridge Build Puzzle is a 3D game all at the same time!

Solve the puzzles by building bridges!

The bus, car, or another kind of vehicle you will be responsible for will want to move from one tile to the other, and for that, you will build a bridge to do so on. To do it, hold the left mouse button to spawn it, but know that the more you hold, the bigger it becomes.

Try only to get the bridges in the right sizes, because if you make them too short or too long, the car will fall into the abyss, which is when you lose. Some tiles also move, so get the timing right on when to build and then drop the bridge.

From one tile to another you try collecting coins, so try gaining as many coins as possible by the end of the run, doing better for each new one. Good luck, enjoy, and stick around for more fun to come!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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