Rosie's Slime Store

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What is Rosie's Slime Store?

Rosie's Slime Store

Rosie's Slime Store is the first of many Rosie's Rules Games that we are now happy to say we can provide all of you with for free on our website, where we've worked very hard to bring this new category of PBS Kids Games way before anyone else, as we would usually do with any and all categories.

Let's visit Rosie's Slime Store and have fun in it!

Slime is a kind of jelly that is meant to be played around with, being very popular among kids because they come in various colors, and the consistency of it makes it really fun to play with it, even if you are doing it virtually, as is the case right now!

Various ingredients are given to you, and you mix them according to hints or by your own logic and try to make all sorts of interesting slimes.

You then aim to sell them to the kids in the neighborhood, and if you have the time, also work at Javi's workshop, which is a whole new dimension of fun to enter!

Let's begin all the fun right now and here, and we hope to see you play even more great games here, or any, since all of them are fantastic!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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