Raft Wars Multiplayer

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What is Raft Wars Multiplayer?

Raft Wars Multiplayer

Raft Wars Multiplayer is one of the newest editions of the already-popular Raft Wars Games series, and knowing from data how much you loved playing previous versions, we could not have missed sharing this one with you for anything in the world, hence why it is now readily available for you to have fun.

If you really dug playing against the computer, going up against other real players from all across the world is about to be even better, guaranteed, so make sure not to miss out on this experience for anything in the world!

Try Raft Wars Multiplayer online and have global fun!

You and your team of babies are trying to protect your treasure from pirates, represented by the other players, and they try to steal it from you. Each team and player have their own raft, and they will shoot at each other in a battle on the seas.

Use the mouse to aim and shoot the guns of the babies on your raft, hopefully hitting the enemy raft and sinking them down, thus winning the battle you just were a part of.

As you fight and win, you earn points and improve in rank, and you can also use your earnings to buy new rafts, give them upgrade, and make yourself stronger and better so that you can defeat greater foes.

It's as simple as that, so let's begin right now, see for yourself how awesome it all is, and stick around for more of this amazing fun to come, only here!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.