Is It Golf

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What is Is It Golf?

Is It Golf

Is It Golf? That is a good question when it comes to this game, even if we believe that it is, as we're talking about the rules of this sport having been taken and flipped on its head, now giving you a fresh and new take on the whole genre, which already represents one of the most popular categories on our website!

Find out if Is It Golf or not!

Instead of balls, items such as cars, toilet seats, chickens, or sheep need to be hit and moved all the way up to the flag at the end of each course, with each new course having been made to be more difficult than the one before, and you also get a brand new item to shoot.

Hold the mouse on the items and draw to form the arrow, and depending on the direction of the arrow and its strength on it you are going to make the shot once you release the mouse (or the finger if playing on a mobile device). Don't lose the items towards the edge of the maps, however, they are, you are going to lose them. Good luck, enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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