Fluffles Bubbles

07.10.2022 983 8 votes

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What is Fluffles Bubbles?

Fluffles Bubbles

Fluffles Bubbles is here to once again freshen up the bubble shooter games series of our website, which only becomes better with each new addition we prepared you for it, hence why we would not have missed sharing this game with you for anything in the world, and you should not miss it either, since these are among the cutest creatures we've had here in a while!

Let's shoot Fluffles Bubbles for fun!

Use the mouse to shoot the colorful fluffles from the bottom towards those at the top, aiming to form or hit groups of at least three identical items next to one another, and when that happens, they get eliminated, and in return you receive points.

Clear the stage of all bubbles to finish a level, and try doing it as fast as possible, as you will be timed, and the number of shots you take is also taken into account. Good luck, enjoy, and see what other amazing games have been brought forward into this category so far!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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