Wars in Minecraft

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What is Wars in Minecraft?

Wars in Minecraft

Wars in Minecraft happen all the time, but in this one, you can take part as well, as we're talking about one of the best new action and fighting games this category has had, where you have to survive a world that is all against you, unlike the friendly pixelated world you might be used to with on the original platform.

Let's win all the Wars in Minecraft!

Use WASD to move Steve, press E to open up chests or pick up items, and with the mouse you aim and shoot your weapons at the enemies, starting off with the bow and arrow his trusty weapon.

As tons of zombies, creepers, and other dangerous creatures from this pixel world attack you, defeat them, and survive for as long as possible, without letting them touch you and kill you, you are going to lose the game.

Grab coins left behind by enemies that you defeat, and see how long you can survive, because a timer will be active, and it will count down the seconds. Good luck, and have fun!

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How to play?

Use WASD, E, and the mouse.