Danger Dash

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What is Danger Dash?

Danger Dash

Danger Dash is here to prove that endless runner games in 3D are far from being out of style but are only even more in, and they are certainly thriving, with them taking on many interesting forms, but one of the most appreciated ones are those where you get to run through the wild, making sure to not get caught by animals chasing you, as you have to do with this explorer in this amazing new game!

Dash and run away from danger!

Swipe or use the arrows to move between the lanes, jump, as well as slide, having to avoid the obstacles in the jungle, because if you hit into them, the horde of wild animals chasing you to catch up and trample you, causing you to lose and have to restart again from scratch.

Try to advance a distance as big as possible, and make sure that along the way you collect lots of gold coins to increase your score, and also catch the upgrades and boosters, which will give you even more rewards, or increase your speed, and give you all sorts of other cool abilities to use.

Straightforward and easy games like these are always the best, so give this one a chance to see that, and make sure to stick around for even more fun to come!

How to play?

Use the arrows or the mouse and touch controls.

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