Cyberchase Quest 1: Motherboard

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What is Cyberchase Quest 1: Motherboard?

Cyberchase Quest 1: Motherboard

Mission Motherboard is the first chapter in the Cyberchase Quest Games series of our website, which we thought would be the best way to set off this brand new category created here for you, where all your educational skills will be put up to the test, as you try to improve yourselves in many ways and have fun too!

Finish the Mission Motherboard of the Cyberchase Quest Games series right now!

Motherboard will contact you with various quests to perform, as Hacker is stirring up troubles in the digital realm, so you need to find him and stop his nefarious plans. To do so, you first need to create and choose a character to become, and as you travel the space with them, you can buy or trade items to make your room cooler.

Get help anytime you need it by clicking on the Skwakpad, while making sure to avoid Buzz and Delete as well, in addition to their evil master. Among the characters you can pick from, we've got:

  • Gigabyte
  • Poddle
  • Radstar Skate
  • Pompadorian
  • Vampira
  • Paddle
  • Radster Blade
  • Pompadorian 2

You can customize their skin, outfit, and other elements belonging to their look. Use the mouse to interact with the world and items around you in order to complete each mission, no matter how difficult the task given in it is for you. Good luck, enjoy, and have fun as only here is possible!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.