Cyberchase Quest 2: Race for Radopolis

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What is Cyberchase Quest 2: Race for Radopolis?

Cyberchase Quest 2: Race for Radopolis

The Cyberchase Quest continues on our website, something for which we hope to see you excited, as we're talking about even more fun digital adventures for you to have, and this second chapter in the story is called Race for Radopolis, the new land of the digital world you need to save by winning the various races in it!

Win the Race for Radopolis in the new Cyberchase Quest 2 game!

Start off by choosing a character, naming them, and then enter the world, where Motherboard will be your guiding force, as she gives you various missions to complete, all in order to stop Hacker, and his minions too, Buzz and Delete, from the nefarious actions they are taking to destroy the cyberspace.

Use the mouse to interact with the world, complete as many missions as you can, and make sure that you use the things you buy or trade in the game to decorate your room and make it as interesting, welcome, and fun as possible. Good luck, enjoy!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.