Cyberchase Quest 3: Ecohaven Emergency

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What is Cyberchase Quest 3: Ecohaven Emergency?

Cyberchase Quest 3: Ecohaven Emergency

Ecohaven Emergency is the Cyberchase Quest 3 game that now completes the trilogy of this amazing adventure we invite you to have in the digital world of the cyberspace, where three kids aim to save this virtual world from the Hacker, as well as his two minions, Buzz and Delete, and only you can help with that!

There's a Ecohaven Emergency in the Cyberchase Quest world, solve it!

With the mouse, you interact with the world and items around you, as well as other characters you meet, with the goal of completing the various missions that Motherboard, the ruler of this realm, gives you.

These missions are given to you in order to stop the evil plans of the antagonists, and as you complete them, you are going to learn a lot of valuable lessons while improving your skills.

You choose the character you want to become, out of eight available options, you can customize their look and clothes, and you can decorate their room.

How? Well, during the missions you undertake you are able to buy or trade items, so use them to grow and develop your room as interestingly as possible. All this fun is just one click away, what are you waiting for?

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How to play?

Use the mouse.