Watts of Trouble

17.10.2022 315 0 votes

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What is Watts of Trouble?

Watts of Trouble

Watts of Trouble is our latest offering over to the Cyberchase Games category that we've just only recently created here for you all, one page that has quickly become a fan-favorite, and how could it not, since we're talking about games that are both educational and really fun through and through, giving you a better understanding of technology, just as it does right now with electricity as well!

The Hacker got you into Watts of Trouble, let's solve the issues!

R-Fair City is a place in digital cyberspace where the party is always going on, as it is a continuous amusement park, which has now unfortunately stopped. Hacker made it so that the rides lose power, so now you have to use sources of alternative, renewable, and clean energy (sun, wind, water) to bring them back on.

Each ride that has lost power will show you a number that represents how many watts it needs, and you will then try liking up enough power sources up to it so that the number is fulfilled, and when that happens, you have cleared the level and will be able to move on to the following one.

Depending on how fast and well you move, you get from one to three stars per level. Good luck, we hope you always get 3/3, and we hope to see you have even more fun here!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.