Tanagram Game

17.10.2022 238 1 votes

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What is Tanagram Game?

Tanagram Game

The Tanagram Game has now dropped into the Cyberchase Games category of our website we know you have already fallen in love with our website, even if it has only been around for a short while because if we did not believe in it, it would not have been created in the first place!

Try the Tanagram Game of Cyberchase fame!

Multiple geometric shapes are given to you, and on the right, you see an item comprised out of it, which you need to replicate by dragging and rotating those shapes around until they look just like in the Tanagram.

To do so, drag them with the mouse, and use the rotation buttons on the right to, well, rotate them. Each new form you are given is more complicated than the last, but that is what makes the game exciting and always interesting! Start now!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.