Poddle Weigh In

17.10.2022 222 0 votes

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What is Poddle Weigh In?

Poddle Weigh In

Poddle Weigh In is an ingenious Cyberchase game that aims to teach kids both about mathematics and weight, we are sure that right now you are going to enjoy a whole deal, just like it has been the case for us, and even if we are older, it was still an interesting challenge to go through!

Let's do the Poddle Weigh In in Cyberchase!

A creature from the virtual place will be put on the scale, and then on the other part of it you need to put weights with numbers on them until the scale stabilizes and it is equal. This way, carefully add up new weights and numbers to get to the correct one, while being careful not to make it too heavy.

It really is that simple, so now that you've understood what to do and how, we hope you start playing right away and maybe dig deep into other entries in this category, which is slowly but surely evolving for you all!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.