Can You Fill It?

18.10.2022 363 2 votes

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What is Can You Fill It??

Can You Fill It?

'Can You Fill It?' is the question being posed in one of the best new puzzle, logic, and learning games to have been added to our category of Cyberchase Games, which we know has already become a fan-favorite, very soon after its premiere, and this new addition to it is surely also going to entertain you a lot, so make sure to try it out!

Can You Fill It? Help the Cybersquad do it!

In each challenge, you have a container that you need to fill with water, pouring it from other smaller cups, which come in various sizes, usually three choices. Find the least number of pours you can use to fill up the container completely to solve the puzzles.

If the container is perfectly filled, the level is cleared, but if it spills water over, you will have lost it and have to start it again. Good luck we wish all of you, and we really hope to see more of you here, we never run out of new and amazing games to share with you all!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.