Buzz and Delete Save the Day

19.10.2022 358 0 votes

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What is Buzz and Delete Save the Day?

Buzz and Delete Save the Day

Buzz and Delete Save the Day is one of our newest addition to the Cyberchase Games category, which is only getting better day after day, as you can clearly see right now, and if the previous games added in it had been to your liking, this one is surely going to be yet another hit for us!

Save the Day with Buzz and Delete!

The first thing that you are going to do with these subordinates of Hacker that want to become heroes as well as pick up golf balls using vacuums, multiple of them, and put them in the boxes on the conveyor belt, and doing so until they are all full will help you solve their problems and puzzles.

There can be vacuums with one, two, or three holes, so use the correct number to pick up items and fill the boxes, because if you have too many or too few of them, you might lose that level. Drag the vacuums using simply the mouse. Good luck, enjoy!


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How to play?

Use the mouse.