Bugs in the System

20.10.2022 255 1 votes

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What is Bugs in the System?

Bugs in the System

Welcome to Bugs in the System, our latest contribution to the Cyberchase Games category of our website that only seems to get bigger and better every day, and that is because we care for it and want it to be better, just as we are proving right now with this new sorting game!

Get rid of the Bugs in the System and save Cyberspace!

The way you do that is quite simple, take bugs from the pile of them on the left and put them on the columns with the same color, and when they are too big for a slot, you use the bar scale Grapher to make them bigger, and fit in all the bugs.

There are multiple columns each with a different color, obviously. Keep sorting out the bugs, and this way, they are going to be eliminated from the system, and Motherboard will be healthy once again. Enjoy!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.