Halloween Lines Saga

20.10.2022 447 2 votes

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What is Halloween Lines Saga?

Halloween Lines Saga

Halloween Lines Saga is yet another spooky month game that we are delighted to offer you here for free since we know that this month you want to play as many of these games with this theme as possible, and you can bet that we won't disappoint you for anything in the world, as we won't with this new addition either, one of the most interesting matching games added here in a while!

Have fun with the Halloween Lines Saga!

With the mouse, you click on objects such as eyes, pumpkins, skeletons, monsters, and more, and click where you want them to move across the tiled screen. Move the items in such a way that you form a horizontal or vertical row of five identical items because when they are made, they get eliminated.

You can use the sword or potion upgrades for more destruction, but only limited, and the same goes for the undo button, which can be useful if you want to correct some mistakes. The more matches like this you make, the bigger your score will be but know that when you can no longer make any moves, you lose. Good luck, enjoy!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.