Ice Girl Rescue

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What is Ice Girl Rescue?

Ice Girl Rescue

Ice Girl Rescue is a high-quality puzzle game with shooting and skill elements in it, which are always the most dynamic and interesting ones we are delighted to share with you all and invite you to play, this one not being an exception, and we hope to see you learn its format right now, and then start giving it your very best straight away!

Rescue the Ice Girl!

With the mouse, you are going to aim and shoot the fire boy toward the metallic platform where the ice girl is being held captive in a cage. The cage is not the problem, but the balls of lava all around her, are the real entrapment, so that is why you shoot the fire boy towards them with the mouse on PCs and finger on mobile devices.

Aim to shoot the three fireballs at the lava and eliminate all of them, and know that the fewer shots you need to take to clear a level, the more stars you are given at the end of the said level, from one to three. While each new level is more difficult than the prior ones, they are also more fun, so try completing all for the best experience!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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