Railway Hero

22.10.2022 460 3 votes

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What is Railway Hero?

Railway Hero

The Cyberchase Games category of our website is about to grow even bigger and be even better right at this moment with the addition of Railway Hero, without a doubt one of the most interesting puzzle games this category has had because while you might have played puzzle games with train tracks before, these ones are cybernetic and go along in space, and that is certainly something new!

Be the Railway Hero of Cyberchase Games!

Through the fifteen levels of the game you have to repair various tracks in space with the Cybersquad, making them complete to achieve this goal, and the puzzles only get more difficult, so you should also become more focused.

With the mouse you will put the missing pieces into the tracks, having to pick the right number of tiles that each piece has, and this way you, if you're younger, or your kid is, will learn counting better and faster.

It's really as simple as that, so now that you've understood everything, even if you're new to this category, make sure to give the game a go and have a blast with it, we certainly did!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.