Space Waste Odyssey

24.10.2022 213 0 votes

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What is Space Waste Odyssey?

Space Waste Odyssey

Space Waste Odyssey is our latest contribution to the Cyberchase Games category, which is only getting better day after day, as we make sure to bring new and interesting content into it daily, and this one is not going to disappoint either, so make sure you are giving it a go!

Go on an Odyssey to get rid of all the Space Waste!

Move your spaceship using the arrow keys or the mouse, and with your claw, you have to bump into the space trash floating around to grab it, doing so until you fill-up the bar of stars, aiming to get three out of three for each level you will be playing.

When you are done collecting trash, you will also sort it. Make sure to avoid the electrical balls also flying around, because if they damage your spaceship too much, you are going to lose.

As you advance, you will be able to add more claws to your spaceship, meaning that you will be able to collect more waste, but the courses also get more difficult, so we hope you will like it!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.