Echo Explorers

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What is Echo Explorers?

Echo Explorers

Echo Explorers is our latest contribution to the Cyberchase Games category of our website, where we will always bring along some of the best educational games, as you can see right now, how many other games out there do you know where you get to learn about echolocation and sonar, which is a natural ability of bats? Yes, bats use this to move through caves that are dark, and we're sure that you will enjoy doing it too!

Become Echo Explorers in Cyberchase Games!

You will have a board on which you get to move your tile piece, and you get to control it with the mouse, moving around to hear sounds, and use those sounds and the hints to keep moving in the right direction, following the instructions you receive from your cyber sonar.

Find all the missing parts in the caves, parts of bats that were deconstructed by the hacker, as he is afraid of them, using the board with rows from 1 to 4 and columns with A to D. You can also send pings towards the North, South, West, or East, and use them to find your items.

Good luck to everyone, we hope to see you around some more, and we hope you don't stop here, we still have plenty more amazing games to share with you today!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.