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What is Frisbee?


Frisbee games online are not something you see very often, which is precisely why our administrative team could not have missed the chance of sharing this one with you, as it is an amazing skill game in 3D with a concept we've not seen before, so this novel experience is definitely something that we recommend you also have right now!

Throw a virtual Frisbee around to have the most fun possible!

With the mouse, you drag left and right in order to set the angle and curvature of the frisbee throw you are going to make, and when you are ready, and you think the time is right, release.

Release to make the shot and know that the opposing player will always catch the toy, as will you. The goal you have is to make the throw to collect more stars than the computer to win.

Gold stars are static, while red ones move around, but they also grant you more points. Avoid the various obstacles, moving or not, because if you hit them, you will have some of your points cut down.

Each new round features a more difficult map for throwing the frisbee around, but that will make everything more fun at the same time. Good luck, enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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