Noob: Tower Defense

26.10.2022 2.080 21 votes

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What is Noob: Tower Defense?

Noob: Tower Defense

Noob: Tower Defense belongs to a complicated genre of strategy and war games, but today, it being from the Minecraft Games category, this edition takes on a more simple and easy-to-understand premise and gameplay, and we're sure that the many fans of any age of this category are really going to enjoy it!

Help Noob make the best Tower Defense!

You have a base you need to defend from the pixel zombies roaming around, and to do that you need to shoot them down from far away, using the WASD keys to move around the map with your scope, and using the mouse to aim and shoot at them until all targets have been killed.

The number of zombies you need to take down increases level after level, but that also makes things more fun, and the challenge of that will make you surely enjoy the game a whole lot. Good luck, and have fun!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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