Cyber Fashion Challenge

27.10.2022 374 3 votes

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What is Cyber Fashion Challenge?

Cyber Fashion Challenge

Are you up for the Cyber Fashion Challenge of Cyberchase Games? We hope you are since right now you're invited to have incredible amounts of fun with this game that's quite unlike any others before you might expect it to be a straight-up dress-up game or fashion design game, but instead, it is a game that aims to teach you about recycling and good practices in materials, all while doing those creative things!

Let's have incredible amounts of fun with the Cyber Fashion Challenge online!

You will choose the type of clothing you want to make, after which you have to take items that have been thrown away, other pieces of clothing, a total of ten, and then cut them up in the necessary shapes so that you can then sew them together, combining them to form that new article of clothing.

The challenges get a bit more difficult as you keep on playing, but they also get more fun, no doubt about it, so we invite you to start giving your best to this game right now, and then maybe trying out the many others in the category, we've worked very hard at it these past few weeks!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.