Domino Legend

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What is Domino Legend?

Domino Legend

Do you want to become a Domino Legend? We invite you to try at least one of the best dominoes games online our website has ever had before, board games of which we believe we should have more of, so precisely for that reason we took on this mission, and we're sure that right now you are going to have plenty of fun playing it, just like we did!

Become a Domino Legend online!

The players, you and the computer, are given seven tiles with numbers in the form of points on them, and you are going to place tiles on the board with the goal of discarding the first to win. You have two modes of doing this:

  1. Block, where you get blocked and can not make moves if you don't have the right tiles in your hand.
  2. Draw, where you draw new tiles if no moves can be made by you.

Each new round is more difficult than the one before, but also more fun, of course, and we're sure that if you always give your best, you are going to become victorious. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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