Hidden Objects: Superthief

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What is Hidden Objects: Superthief?

Hidden Objects: Superthief

Hidden Objects: Superthief is a hidden objects puzzle game online as the title suggests, where you assume the role of a robber girl who wants to be known as the best in town, so for that you will help her snatch items from rooms all across it, using this format to do your thievery. Let's see how you do it, no?

Become a Superthief in a new hidden objects game online!

On a list at the bottom of the screen you are shown the objects you need to identify, so do that using the mouse, clicking on them when you do, and know that you are being timed, so try to finish the levels as fast as possible, because the faster you are, the more extra points you are going to gain.

You can use up to four hints, so being limited in number, we recommend you don't waste them when they are unnecessary, but try to focus more first. Good luck, enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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