Roll This Ball

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What is Roll This Ball?

Roll This Ball

To Roll This Ball takes a lot of skin and precision, but it also is tons of fun to do, which is why we invite you to start doing so right now and here with this amazing new arcade game our team is delighted to share with everyone, as day by day we want to be the ones bringing you the best new games on the internet!

Roll This Ball online and have fun!

The game is a puzzle one where a ball needs to be rolled through a course, only pieces of it are not in the right place, and only when it gets completed will it roll and you finish the level.

To accomplish this, use the mouse to drag pieces and tiles around, moving them so that you complete the road the ball can move on, and then you win. The faster you are in doing it, the more stars you get from that level, from one to three.

Good luck through all the levels that increase in difficulty, and we hope to be seeing you around even more so, we never miss the chance to bring you new games!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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