Lit Ape NFT Generator

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What is Lit Ape NFT Generator?

Lit Ape NFT Generator

Lit Ape NFT Generator is an idle game online made for all the fans of NFTs in the world, with their numbers having increased a whole lot over the past few years, which is precisely why such a game makes total sense for our website, in addition to the fact that it has high production values, and it is also playable on mobile devices!

Try the online Lit Ape NFT Generator right now!

NFT cards appear on the screen, and you need to click or tap on them to collect money, and use that money to buy the various upgrades at the bottom of the screen, which are going to help you collect even more NFTs, automatically, and make the revenue from them bigger than before.

As you keep clicking and tapping, you are going to earn even more money in return, and the designs of the NFTs will change in order to showcase one of higher values that you are going to both own and then sell for an even higher price, which is the name of the game in this world of digital currency. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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