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What is Shards?


Welcome all to Shards, which is here to bring some new life into the world of Arkanoid games online, something which we've not had here in quite a while, even more so with a version so good and high-quality that we've enjoyed quite a lot, which says much considering that we've been around since these games were at their peak.

Break the Shards and have fun!

With the mouse you shoot a ball toward the glass shards of various colors at the top of the screen, aiming to shoot them down and completely eliminate them all from the screen, which is when you will have finished your level. The next one is more difficult, of course!

Use the mouse to then control the paddle and catch the ball, because if you lose it three times, you also lose the game. Upgrades such as a bigger paddle, fire cannons, fireballs, freeze, and more will also drop and you could catch them to use them to your advantage,

Make sure not to catch the downgrades, which make you smaller, or give you trouble. It's that simple, so we now invite you to discover all the amazing levels this game has to offer, and have fun with them as only here is possible!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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