Grenade Hit Stickman

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What is Grenade Hit Stickman?

Grenade Hit Stickman

Grenade Hit Stickman is a new skill game online with swiping that we are sure you are going to appreciate a lot, since it is quite unique in both presentation and gameplay, and we've had a terrific time playing it ourselves, so we invite you to do the very same right now, you are not going to regret it!

Hit the stickman with a grenade!

Use the mouse if on PC and the finger if on a mobile device to swipe the grenades and shoot them forward, having to hit all the stickmen with them, and make them explode, winning each level once you've eliminated all the stickmen of that level. Of course, the number of grenades you can use is limited, so if you run out and enemies are still standing, you lose.

Instead, the fewer shots you take to complete your mission, the more points you earn in return, and you can get 3 out of 3 stars after the end of the levels, which is what we are hoping for you. Good luck, enjoy, and maybe invite your friends to try our great daily games as well, they won't regret it in the least!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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