NOVA Covered Ops

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What is NOVA Covered Ops?

NOVA Covered Ops

Welcome to NOVA Covered Ops, which is not only the title of the game you are playing here right now, but also the name of the team you are going to enter, a team of soldiers who has to win a war on an alien planet, against their own army, and you will try doing that through the covered operations we will now teach you how to run.

Lead the NOVA Covered Ops to victory!

Your soldier is staying covered behind a structure or a building, and when you click, that is when he comes out and starts shooting in that direction, which is what you need to do to dispose of all the enemies attacking you in each level, without letting them reach and destroy you.

Each new mission will have more foes for you to take down, but that will make things more fun at the same time. If they leave behind items after they're shot down, press the Z key to pick them up. Complete one mission after another, and become the soldier you were always destined to become, leading your team towards winning the war!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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