Rocket Road

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What is Rocket Road?

Rocket Road

Rocket Road represents one of the best new endless runner games 3d we're delighted to share with you all the hypercasual games series on our website that is growing day after day because we know that this format has been around for a long time, and despite of that, it is still as popular as ever, and you will immediately realize why that is once you hit play!

Let's fly through the Rocket Road!

Use the mouse by holding it and moving it, or use the finger in the same way, and use it to advance through the road, only hitting through the balls that have the same color as your rocket, and once you fly through the arrows, you will change color, so be careful of the other colors.

The more you advance, the more points you earn, and as you hit a checkpoint, you get on a new road, with the roads only becoming more difficult. Now, once you hit a ball of a different color, or you hit any other kinds of obstacles or traps, your run ends there, and you need to start again from scratch.

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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