Kitty Match

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What is Kitty Match?

Kitty Match

Kitty Match is about to be one of the best new match 3 games online on our website, first of all, because it features cats, and they are always lovely and a great animal to have around in online games, and secondly, because it also has a decoration element to it, making the game more advanced and interesting!

Play Kitty Match online!

You are going to use the mouse to swap items between one another, having to form horizontal or vertical lines of at least three identical items, and when doing so, they get eliminated, and in return you get points. Focus on the items required from you at that level, so that you clear it.

As you clear a level, you are rewarded with toys, furniture, and decorations, all of which you can move around the house of the kitty, as you get to decorate it however your imagination dictates.

Toys and all sorts of fun rewards are going to be granted to you, and they get more fun and interesting the more complicated the levels become, as you can bet they will since a challenge is what makes a game fun. Start now, and enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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