Hexa Dungeon

Hexa Dungeon

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Hexa Dungeon
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Hexa Dungeon Overview


Hexa Dungeon is an online game that combines line connection games, which is another kind of game in the big genre of match 3 games online, together with fighting, because it is your ability to make really good and fast matches that will give strength and powers to your warrior for them to defeat their enemies. Let's explain more, so you can start having fun right away!

Defeat the monsters in the Hexa Dungeon!

There are ten levels for you to play, each one with a different monster for you to encounter and defeat, with the monsters getting stronger as you advance, and at the end, if you have managed to earn 20 stars, you will meet the final boss.

Use the mouse to connect at least three hexagons of the same color, with them needing to be adjacent, meaning side-by-side, and the more you match in one line, the more power will be behind the attacks you use against your enemies.

Defeat all the monsters in a level to advance, and the faster you are, get more stars, from one to three. Also, after making a long match, you can unlock special abilities to use against your foes.

We wish you the best, as always, and we hope you don't stop here, as more great games are still to come today, and trust us when we say you would not want to miss them!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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