Laser Cannon Levels Pack

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What is Laser Cannon Levels Pack?

Laser Cannon Levels Pack

The Laser Cannon Games series returns right now with the Levels Pack edition, an updated version with way more interesting puzzles and shooting levels for you to challenge yourself in, and we're absolutely positive that you are going to have tons of fun doing it, just like it had been the case for us!

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With the mouse, you control a cannon that shoots out lasers, so where you click, that is where it will shoot them. Aim to do it so that you hit all of the monsters in each level, which is how you clear it, and the fewer shots you require to take to achieve that, the more stars and points you earn. You can get from one to three stars.

To kill some of the monsters you can't shoot them directly, as they are protected by various items, such as the green one that holds a shield. Find ways around that by shooting through chains to drop boxes, shooting through mirrors to deflect the lasers, or shooting down bridges to make the monsters fall into the lava.

At each level, you need to be creative to achieve your goal, simple as that. They get progressively difficult as you advance, but we guarantee that they also get more fun. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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