Kindergarten Connect

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Kindergarten Connect
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What is Kindergarten Connect?

Kindergarten Connect

Kindergarten Connect is a really awesome new matching game that is all about education, since kids that go to this kind of school are invited to play it, as it was designed for them, and we're sure that together you will have tons of fun, just like it had been the case for us!

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It's simple: you're given pictures of various items, animals, and more, and you need to match the pictures that have things on them that start with the same letter, simple as that. You get points in return, and at each level, you are being timed, so know that the faster you are in achieving this, the more points you get as extras.

Each new level becomes more difficult than the one before, but also more fun, guaranteed, and as the levels get more difficult, it also means the kids playing them get smarter, and that is really good, no? Let's begin right now, you won't regret it!

How to play?

Use the mouse.


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