Noob: Zombie Slayer

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What is Noob: Zombie Slayer?

Noob: Zombie Slayer

Noob: Zombie Slayer is a Minecraft game 3D of our website which is quite different from what you might expect of it from the title, as we're talking about a game where, to defeat the blocky undead you will have to actually solve a puzzle through the movements of your mouse, and we're highly positive you are going to really enjoy this challenge!

Help Noob become a Zombie Slayer!

You will have a map in a square shape, and you need to use the mouse to swipe Noob around it, and for every swipe you make, for any of the four directions, he will move fully until he hits the outer bounds or any items in his path.

Use this method to figure out the best way to move the Noob around so that it first reaches the zombies, slays them with kicks, and then moves him where X marks the spot, because only then do you clear the level.

Each new level poses a more difficult puzzle for you, but the challenge also makes things more fun, so trying the game out right at this moment should be a must for you all!

How to play?

Use the mouse.


Alex Lord

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