Parking Tight

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What is Parking Tight?

Parking Tight

Parking Tight is one of the most difficult things that a driver could do, but we are sure that if you can do it here in this virtual game, one day when you become old enough to get your license, you will also achieve it in real life!

Achieve that Tight Parking online!

In this puzzle game, you are given a tight parking area, with multiple spots, and multiple cars as well, with you needing to figure out how to park all of them next to one another, using the mouse to click on the 3d colored cars and swipe them into place, figuring out the place where each fits properly.

It's that simple, and doing it with all the cars completes the level, with each new one being more difficult than the one before it, but more fun at the same time, guaranteed. Begin right now, why would you not?

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How to play?

Use the mouse.