Justine the SuperRoo

27.11.2022 425 1 votes

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What is Justine the SuperRoo?

Justine the SuperRoo

Justine the SuperRoo is the kangaroo superhero who is going to save the world from the evil overlord who wants to rule the world with his army of robots, and that is what you are here to stop, and what we invite you to do so through a platform jumping game where this animal superhero is riding a pogo stick, so there are plenty of elements for you to love and enjoy here right now!

Help Justine the SuperRoo save the world!

Use the mouse or finger to drag the roo left and right with the pogo stick, using the cannons, balloons, and platforms to jump up all the time while avoiding the robots and traps, and as you keep climbing up, earn points in return and aim to get a score as big as possible.

Make sure to avoid dangers, and see how far you can get, and each new time you play, try to advance further up than before. Good luck and the very best we want to wish you all, as always!



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How to play?

Use the mouse.