NFT Rush

27.11.2022 723 10 votes

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What is NFT Rush?

NFT Rush

It's an NFT Rush not only in the marketplace but in the world of gaming as well, with our administrative team being delighted that right now and here we can share with you this awesome new hypercasual runner game in 3D, a format that keeps being among the most popular ones on our website, so missing out on this experience should be a no-go for everyone!

Can you win the NFT Rush online?

Use the left and right to move, and space to fly with your avatar, for whom you choose an NFT as the picture on top of their head, and then you go through the courses, where you need to grab the tanks for gas, and then hold the mouse to activate it and take shortcuts across the water to get ahead of the other NFTs running with you.

Try your best to be the first one reaching the finish line, so grab as much gas as you can, get lots of points, and buy NFTs that keep being more expensive the more races that you win. Good luck, enjoy, and we hope to see more of you here, we're never running out of amazing new games to share with you!

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How to play?

Use the arrows and spacebar.