Bee Connect

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Bee Connect
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What is Bee Connect?

Bee Connect

Bee Connect is yet another amazing new puzzle game with numbers and merging, which seems to have really risen in popularity over these past few weeks, but we are always making sure to only bring you the best of them, as it is always the case with our content, and this one is not going to be an exception, you can bet on that!

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In the beehive, you have multiple hexagonal spaces, where numbers will appear, and you use the mouse to move them around and pair them up together, doing so to merge them together to a bigger and bigger number, which increases your score, but be careful not to have no longer any spaces left in the honeycomb, because you are going to lose when no longer any moves can be made.

Now that you've understood how simple everything is, we're sure that you will have tons of fun, non-stop, and we hope you aren't stopping here, since the day has got plenty more to offer, we've just begun!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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