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Bubble Klass

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Bubble Klass
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Bubble Klass Overview


Bubble Klass Game introduces Among Us-themed characters to give you stunning gameplay. You control a spaceship loaded with candies. Using arrow keys, you can move your spaceship freely across a limited area to defeat enemies to get coins. Defeating enemies won’t be easy as they continuously shoot at your spaceship. The game ends as your spaceship health reaches zero. 

Prepare your spaceship for your first war!

Therefore, you should keep attaching enemies and preventing their attacks from surviving longer. The game rewards you with a coin for each defeated enemy, and you can collect it through it. Your only goal is to collect as many coins as possible by eliminating enemies; keeping this that you have only ten hearts in mind would be great and may help you plan how to play. 
Moreover, the game has three different mini-games, and their names are the following: BubbleShooter, Bubble Bird, and Speed Runner. Each offers unique gameplay and a varied objective to complete. The first game is described above, and the next two mini-games are given below.
Bubble Bird offers similar gameplay to Flappy Bird, wherein your objective is to control a bird while avoiding falling and hurdles. You can use the mouse click to keep your spaceship floating in the air and cover the distance as much as possible. 
Speed Runner is similar to Google’s Dino game; your goal is to run as much as possible when overcoming hurdles using your jumping abilities. 

How to play?

Use the mouse to start the war!

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