Cycling Marathon

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What is Cycling Marathon?

Cycling Marathon

Cycling Marathon Game is a Sports and Single-player video game released for the browser. Indeed, you would love to do cycling and mightn’t have participated in any Marathon game. This time, the game allows you to jump into the Marathon game and show off your cycling skills. Maintaining the balance on-road when your track is full of hurdles, grease, and other rival competitors won’t be easy; however, with the click of the mouse, you can master the game. 

Start your first Cycling Marathon in this online game!

Participate in an exciting competition and try to earn as much in-game currency as possible. You don’t have any choice when you start to play the game because there’s only one character you can’t modify. Furthermore, you must keep tapping the mouse click as it helps you achieve the 100% boost. After that, the game changes the perspective from an isometric view to the first-person, and you have to control the bicycle, moving your mouse left or right to avoid hurdles and barriers. Once the boost ends, you will be switched back to the isometric perspective.
During the game, you can purchase upgrades, including Stamina, Speed, and Income. Purchasing upgrades may help you ride faster and take over enemies speedily. Each upgrade costs you $50 at the start; however, it gradually increases once you start purchasing. Besides, you can watch an ad to get $150 extra when you run out of cash. 

How to play?

Use the mouse to drive your bike!


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