Jewel Christmas Story

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What is Jewel Christmas Story?

Jewel Christmas Story

A game like Jewel Christmas Story could only have appeared at this time on our website, but it is a great experience to play no matter what season or weather you are in right now, which is why we are highly recommending it to you all right now, and hope none of you who read this dare to miss out on it!

It's a Jewel Christmas Story, let's experience it!

In each level you have a target of ornaments that you need to match in a line of three, horizontal or vertical, and by doing so eliminating them, and when you hit your target, the level is cleared.

The number of moves you can make per level is limited, so think before you act. To match the items, click and drag on them to swap them with those that are adjacent to them, simple as that.

Make sure not to run out of moves, or you need to restart, and you can acquire and use boosters before each level, so maybe set some to use, or go without if you think you can do it! Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.


Inlogic Software

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