Cute Pet Doctor Care

Cute Pet Doctor Care

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Cute Pet Doctor Care
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Cute Pet Doctor Care Overview


Cute Pet Doctor Care is one of the best new vet games online that we are now happy to share with you all on our website for free, having assurance from past similar content that you love this genre a whole deal, and we're sure that you will also absolutely adore this new game, featuring these cute pets you are to take care of!

Give the Cute Pet the proper Doctor Care it needs!

You start off with a turtle, after which you get to unlock the other pets in the office as well, treating them in the same way, so if you want the full experience play with all of them.

At the bottom of the screen, you are given tools and medical instruments with which you clean them up, sanitize their wounds, close them, heal them, and treat any kind of medical issue they might have at that moment.

Simply click on them when shown by the arrows, and use them just how it is depicted on the screen, and in no time the proper care will have been administered, and the pets will be back to their normal lives, thanks only to you!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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